Mary Minor

Mary Smith Minor, 31, Thomaston, Ga. - Room 1430
Advisor to Youth Assembly delegation from R.E. Lee Institute. Organized Tri-Hi-Y chapter there in response to student requests. Mother of four year old daughter. More here.


Melissa said...

What a beautiful lady. Her story stuck out for me when I read the book. She must have been terrified and broken hearted herself, yet she kept the presence of mind to stay calm for the sake of the teen girls who were in her care. It really touched me that she had the Bible open and was reading a most fitting verse. I am sure she is enjoying her mansion in heaven.

Mary said...

You were well-loved by your students. That candid phannual oto of you on the rock in the 1946 shows how much you must have loved teaching at RE Lee. In the early morning hours of Dec 7, you showed incredible Christian strength with the girls in your care. Rest in peace and rise in glory