John Irwin

John Newton Irwin, 23, Long Island, New York. Room 422. Salesman for the Luxene Corp. Father of three month old baby.

Elmer "Spike" Conzett

Elmer Andrew Conzett, 32, Dubuque, Iowa. Room 1230. Pictured here at age 18. Later became Navy lieutenant commander and war hero. Sank Japanese destroyer at Guadalcanal as dive-bomber pilot. His 1942 Scouting Squadron is pictured here (Conzett kneeling, 2nd from left). In Atlanta on one night stopover while ferrying Navy planes from Norfolk, Virginia to Long Beach, California.

Dr. Irene Tollett

Irene Harris Tollett, 44, Atlanta, Ga. Room 824. Librarian at Russell High School in East Point. Earned Ph.D. in library science in 1942. Spending night with sister, Lena Harris, who was visiting from Tennessee.