Bill Dickerson

Bill Dickerson, 3, Douglas, Georgia, Room 1630. Son of Will and Mary Dickerson.

Mary Melinda Dickerson

Mary Melinda at 5 months old
Mary Melinda Dickerson, 6, Douglas, Georgia, Room 1630. Daughter of Will and Mary Dickerson. Had started first grade in September.

Mary Pettit Dickerson

Mary Pettit Dickerson, 34. Douglas, Georgia. Room 1630. Supervised government-run nursery during World War II. Attended Florida State College for Women. Spending weekend with her husband while awaiting completion of new home. Her entire family of four perished in the fire.

Harold Irvin

Harold Garnett Irvin, 23. Cornelia, Georgia. Room 830. Torpedo bomber pilot in Pacific during World War II. Stopped in Atlanta to visit friends and celebrate recent Navy discharge. About to start job as Eastern Airlines pilot.