Joe Goodson

Joseph Arthur Goodson Jr., 35, Clay City, Illinois. Suite 1202-1204. Geologist for Pure Oil Company. Graduate of University of Kentucky. In route to Florida to recover from pneumonia. Husband of Gladys Goodson.

Gladys Goodson

Gladys Carlson Goodson, 29, Clay City, Illinois. Suite 1202-1204. Native of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Met husband when he was Gulf Oil scout there. Had reservations at another hotel but the room was given to someone else.

Joe Goodson III

Joseph Arthur Goodson III, 4, Clay City, Illinois. Suite 1202-1204. Son of Joe and Gladys Goodson.

Barbara Goodson

Barbara Beck Goodson, 1, Clay City, Illinois. Suite 1202-1204. Daughter of Joe and Gladys Goodson

Ed Thomas

Edward Owen Thomas, 55, Asheville, North Carolina. Room 1102. Owner of Thomas Buick and Asheville Truck and Equipment Company. In Atlanta to buy war-surplus vehicles. Scheduled to become Kiwanis Club president in January. Boy Scout leader.

Tona Perry

Tona Perry, 65, Tampa, Florida. Room 1402. Accompanied Matsey Dekle to Atlanta. Native of Tennessee.

Freddie Louise Pruitt

Freddie Louise Pruitt, 21, Atlanta Georgia. Room unknown. Moved to Atlanta to find secretarial work after graduating from high school in Lenoir City, Tennessee. Worked in downtown insurance office.

Emelda Reeves

Emelda Louise Reeves, 21, Atlanta, Georgia. Room unknown. Secretary for wholesale liquor distributor. Separated from husband. Mother of four year old son. Friend of Freddie Louise Pruitt who also died in the fire.

Harry Sorrells

Harry Sorrells, 47, Asheville, North Carolina. Room 928. Bus driver for Smokey Mountain Trailways. Staying in room rented permanently by the bus company. Loved to tinker with machinery. Father of two year old daughter.

Walter Baker

Walter Leon Baker, 41, Asheville, North Carolina. Room 1102. Vice president of Asheville Truck and Equipment Company. In Atlanta to buy war-surplus vehicles. Father of two children.

Matsey Dekle

Martha Hopkins Dekle, 69, Tampa, Florida. Room 1402. President of Dekle Holding Company. Native of Thomasville, Georgia. Staying in Atlanta while daughter and son-in-law visited new summer home in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Ralph Moody

Vernon Ralph Moody, 32, Arlington, Georgia. Suite 1210-12. Operator of a garage. Came to Atlanta to see about buying sawmill equipment. Accompanied by his friend, Billy Newberry, who survived the fire.

Mary Stinespring

Mary Stinespring, 58, Cornelia, Georgia. Room 1628. Accompanied neighbor and close friend, Louise Brown, to Atlanta on shopping trip. Widow and mother of five children. Active church worker.

Louise Brown

Louise Brown, 46, Cornelia, Georgia. Room 1628. In Atlanta for doctor's appointment

Dr. Carl Rasmussen

Dr. Carl Rasmussen, 49, Des Moines, Iowa. Room 1620. Small-town Midwest physican who joined Veterans Administration in May. Transferred to Atlanta in November. Staying at Winecoff until home ready. Scheduled to move out following week. Wife, Helen, survived the fire.